She used to turn the blinker on five minutes out,
and coast to the intersection
“I like to slowly become more relevant,
like corduroy, or a stopped clock.”

“Do you want to know something else about me?” She asked
and I almost laughed because,
despite the fact that she was a terrible driver,
I wanted to know everything about her.

And so we talked like that for the rest of the day.
A real question-and-answer, forget-the-time talk.
An interested, forgot-to-eat-lunch conversation
that spanned hours like decades, and ended in a diner.

When it started getting dark we found light
When it started getting light we found coffee.
“Do you know why I drink black coffee?” She’d said
“Because you want it to match your soul?” I replied.

She used to build tiny houses out of sugar packets
and I imagined living in a shelter like that,
Each rain day slowly eating away at the walls and floors
and real life slowly creeping in through the sweet ruin.

Self-Isolation – Day 14: Netflix invented the virus to make people watch Tiger King.

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