When did getting old happen?
Seeing rain and worrying about water.
Seeing sun and worrying about burns.
Seeing soda and worrying about teeth. 

When did the north pole become scary?

when did teenagers become scary?

When did your back become terrible? 
(Your knees, your wrists, your ankles)
Skateboarding really was a bad idea.

When did you forget how to write?

When did silence replace laughter?

When did sweatpants become salvation?

When did we all become one icy driveway away from ruin?

When did skateboarding become a bad idea?

What happened to 2 am?
Did Irving just buy it, and now owns it?
It used to belong to the happy, tired faces of friends,
to music, to the dreamers.

Now all we have is a shitty dumb virus
and masks and clorox and death.

Self-Isolation – Day 24: But: there is no snow in my driveway.

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