Operator: 911 Operator, what’s your emergency?

Woman: Yes I’d like to report a *whispers* gathering.

Operator: *slow keyboard typing* A gathering ma’am?

Woman: *panicked, voice trembling* yes. Of… More than 5 people, I think, I can’t be sure, I can’t get a good look.

Operator: *frenzied keyboard typing* ma’am I need you to stay calm and give me some information. What’s your name and address? 

Woman: My name is Karen, and I’m at 12 Brookside way. 

Operator: mmhmm and what are the perps doing now ma’am?

Karen: Talking, laughing, enjoying… *sobs softly* beverages

Operator: Did you say beverages ma’am?

Karen: Yes, please hurry! 

Operator: Police are on their way ma’am, I need you to stay on the line.

Karen: I’m not going anywhere.

Operator: Tell me about it right?

Karen: Excuse me?

Operator: Just a little quarantine humor there ma’am, can you tell me why I hear birds singing Karen, are you outside right now?

Karen: *short pause* I’m… I’m hiding in the bushes on the edge of their property.

Operator: *keyboard stops clicking* You’re.. in the bushes?

Karen: How else do you suggest I spy on my neighbors? Wait! Wait I see a cop car.

Operator: That’s our officers ma’am, just stay calm and they’ll handle the situation. I’m going to direct the officers of your whereabouts. We don’t need you getting caught in the cross-fire.

Karen: I’m sorry, cross-f…

Police Radio: Yeah come in officer 224, please be advised, caller is in the rose bushes across the street, I repeat, caller is in the hedges. She claims there is a group of at least 5 individuals quote having a good time, over.

Police Radio: *static* Possible code 19, copy that.

Police officer (In background of the phone call): LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, would you kindly place your beverages on the ground and take 3 large steps away from each other.

Filthy Outlaw: Hey man, we’re all at a distance here, and most of us are in a family bubb..

Operator: Oh shit Karen, did you hear that back talk? Shit’s about to go down

Karen: Excuse me? Did you say..

Police Officer: *draws weapon* I asked once, nicely, there won’t be another warning. Now MOVE AWAY FROM EACH OTHER.

Karen: Oh my God, he has his gun out. What the hell is he doing?!

Operator: mmmhmm.

Man in group: Whoa. whoa whoa my dude, did somebody do something, what’s going on?

*gunfire, screams, yelling*

Karen: *sobbing, panicked* Oh my god, oh my god, they’re shooting everybody, what the hell! Help us, please!

Operator: Quiet now Karen, I can’t hear the justice being served. This is what you wanted Karen. This is what’s best for everybody.

Karen: They’re getting in their car, they’re leaving. What the hell…

Police Officer: *static* Come in ops, yeah that situation has been handled. Quarantine restored.

Operator: Copy that, over and out.

Karen: *silence*

Operator: *silence*

Karen: H..Hello operator?

Operator: *Keyboard typing* Yes Karen?

Karen: *softly weeping* I … I can’t really make it out, but I think the neighbors on the other side of my house… I think they’re … congregating

Self-Isolation – Day 54: Everything is fine.

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