If wondering what the hell is going on was an Olympic sport, we’d all be on the podium. And instead of happening every 4 years, it would happen every 40 minutes. And it would be the first ever event that Covid spawned instead of completely obliterated.

The entire world is hungover and tired, but we’re yawning and stretching and seeing the sunlight and knowing that soon we’ll be able to start worrying about the world’s regular, everyday problems like blatant, heart-wrenching racism, and corruption at the highest levels.

We’re far from done though. When will we stop adding “- wear mask” to our calendar events? When will the trust come back?

If we were having a virus exit interview, how would that go? How would we look back on the last 2 months? Were we compassionate? Did we panic? Did we forget ourselves?

If this virus is a test, are we passing?

If this virus is a map, are we lost?

Stay safe. Be kind. Don’t get lost. Don’t forget yourself.

Self-Isolation Diaries – Day 77: Steady now. The ship will right itself.

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