He’s struggling with the postage stamp math.
A 25 cent stamp will get it to Kitchener
but he doesn’t know what will happen after that.
Do they just throw it out of the truck?

A 5 cent stamp, a 50 cent stamp, a 57 cent stamp
over or under 30 grams, over or under.
Dirty fingers and dirty hands,
dirty pennies and nickels and teeth.

Clinging with a desperation and hope
If he can just figure this out,
if he can add it up, and piece it together
then things will be better and things will make sense.

He’ll have this one thing under his belt,
this one thing that he set out to do, and was successful
and then walked away from, just like regular people do.
Score one for the home team, for the good guys

The lady behind me sighs deeply, and loudly,
causing him to look up at her and I, standing in line
before quickly turning back to the glass counter
to slide around more of his change

Her sigh is deeply humiliating, and disgusts me.
I think she sounds like bubbling deep fryer.
An ugly, stupid, basket of frozen french fries
sliding into a vat of bubbling hot ignorant grease.


We’re outside sitting on the curb with our legs crossed
sharing a sandwich and a can of root beer.
I want to apologize for her, tell him I’m not like her
tell him I’m not a dumb deep fryer, full of bubbling grease.

He doesn’t say anything though, and so neither do I
We just sit in silence, two men sharing a sandwich
Then I swallow some root beer, and it goes down the wrong pipe
and I cough a lot.

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