Updated for updates.

Hey dudes.
Updated the site design again. Gonna try to update more often too, which I say all the time, but maybe for reals this time?

Heading to Sappy fest at the end of the month. I’ll be at the zine fair selling books, and at the shows listening to Jim Guthrie and the felice brothers, and Julie Doiron, and Rick White.

October brings the Halifax Pop Explosion. I think we’re heading up on Saturday for THAT zine fair, then checking out a show that night. (Hopefully The Hold Steady…) I think we’re going to wait and buy tickets rather than a bracelet. I may or may not regret that decision. woo!

Talk you to TOMORROW.

I’m working on a novel.
It’s like The Passage in that I’ll get a publishing deal before it’s done for $3 million dollars and then sell it to the movie companies for another 1.7 based on the outline alone.

The way it’s unlike The Passage is that it doesn’t really exist at all.

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  1. This here’s one good lookin’ web site that you’ve made for yourself, JStew.

  2. Let me know how that works out!

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