New Beginnings

Ok! So I’ve got things pretty much set up and ready to roll here. I may still tweak things a bit, but this is the new tiredeyes for now. Anybody subscribed to the old RSS feed will probably want to hook up the new one. Also, all the old archives are still around, and can be found in the Links.

So as cliché as it sounds I took the time to hammer out a list of new years resolutions/to-dos that I think will really help me move along this year. Here they are in no real order:

– lose 30 pounds (lol, pretty lame but accurate.)
– finish math 112B and physics 112 correspondence courses fer my upgradin’
– switch tiredeyes to wordpress  (done!)
– update tiredeyes everyday mon-fri
– get back into reading (at least a book every 2 weeks, hopefully more)
– learn as much as possible about cars* (specifically mine.)
– start performing better at work
– pay off visa/as much debt as possible
– take a trip to France/Italy (successfully undoing any progress made in the last step…)
– slay the beast known as procrastination as much as possible, as often as possible.**

*I feel like this is a major pain my life currently. I’m bleeding money by paying mechanics to do things to my car because, to be honest, I’m completely and totally clueless. This is akin to people taking their computers to Futureshop to be fixed. It seems to ridiculous to me. If my computer stopped working I could open it up, figure it out in about 20 minutes and be running again in the time it took to get new parts. I know that cars are more complicated than computers (and more expensive) but I really think the same principle applies. I want to know as much as I can about car innards so I can either: a) fix it myself b) avoid getting taken for a ride when I can’t.

**Who doesn’t want to do this? And how long will the drive to correct this actually last? Hard to say, but here’s hoping I can really evaluate what’s important and get some stuff done this year.

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