The Choking Game

Did you know this is a thing? I’m not a parent, and the verdict is still out on how successful I’ll be when I am one, but I suspect the conversation I have with my child about this would go something along these lines:

Me: Hey so what’s all this horse shit about kids choking themselves out and dying?
Future Child: I dunno, some chick was doing it in class the other day, she looked like an idiot.
Me: Have you done it?
Future Child: No, I stick to heroin and meth during class.
Me: Don’t be a dick.
Future Child: Don’t accuse me of being one then.
Me: wanna go tie stuff to the cats?
Future Child: ok.

I actually remember a girl doing this in class once when I was in grade 7 or 8.
I think she got pregnant the year later.

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  1. Ahh, your relationship with Future Child sounds like mine.

  2. …how often do you tie shit to the cats?

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