In Front of the Legion

“How the fuck is no one high-fiving this guy? Look at him, look how awesome he is.”

“Oh yeah, that guy, yeah he just stands there all day.”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno, he just stands right there in front of the legion with his hand in the air. People hardly notice him anymore.”

“He’s hanging. They’re all just leaving him hanging all damn day.”

“Yeah dude, that’s kind of his thing, I guess.”

“His goddamn thing is he wants a goddamn high-five and people are just looking at him like he’s the asshole.

“Jesus, why don’t you go slap his hand if you if love him so much.”

“Oh I love him alright. And you would too if your town wasn’t such a bunch of goddamn ignorant, non-fivers.”


“This guy is a national treasure. He should be in a hall of fame.”

“What hall of fame would he go into? The hockey hall of fame?”

“What? No… I figure they’d have to build a new one for him.”

“With a bronzed statue commemorating how he lived and died; with his arm in the air.”

“Yes! Man. I’d high five that statue everyday on my way to work, or the grocery store to buy bread for a sandwich.”

“Have you had that new oatmeal brown bread they’re making now?”

“Yes I have, and it’s delicious.

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  1. You one wild and crazy mofo, Mofo!

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