I have a kid now.
I’m not a parent that minds calling my kid a kid. Know what I mean? Like the mom’s who have decided to wage a constant war, educating people that a kid is a baby goat or whatever.
She’s 5 months old and laughs at her feet.

I have a different job now.
A direct contribution to my writing decline was going back to school for 2 years and taking a job in an industrial setting. (ie: a pulp mill). Now that that’s leveling out, I hope to make my return. I feel inexperienced and terrible about writing, but it’s fitting like an old sweater and I hope to wear it for a long time.

I eat quinoa & hummus now.
Not like, a lot, but more than zero.

I’m 30, as in not in my 20’s.
Submitted without comment.

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  1. pretty boss dj if you ask me.

  2. JStew,
    I’m a new dad too, but my son finds humour in punching himself in the head. A different breed. Don’t ever feel you can’t take time away and come back to your art. It’s a vocation, but also a refuge; it’s there when you need it. Plus, your descriptions give me a writing chubby!

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