Many Deserts

We drove a car into the desert.
The desert can be the same size as a city, but when talking about a desert, the lack of significant points of interest make it all one place. Point of interest is often refereed to as POI for short. That’s not to say one wouldn’t say “We drove our car into New York City.” That’s a pretty acceptable thing to say as well, it’s just that when one pushed for further details, one could definitely be more specific. This would be much more difficult in the desert. I said “the” desert just now, but in actual fact, there are many. There are many deserts with few POI’s.

We drove a car into the desert.
In this instance the type of car doesn’t really matter I suppose, although, if it’s a meth-lab RV with smoke billowing out of it, one may want to mention that fairly early in the story. An RV’s not a car though, so I think we’re ok there. I think though, that the car becomes insignificant and the reason one is driving into the desert becomes the focus. This gives a bit of a nod to my earlier point really. If you said you were driving your car into New York City, one wouldn’t really be mystified as to why. New York City is often referred to as NYC for short. Because NYC has so many POIs someone driving a car there isn’t strange or mysterious. A gajillion* people do it every day. However because the destination, is the desert, we gotta ask the question, why? What’s up, driver?

*It should be noted I used the term ‘gajillion’ because I had no idea the actual number of people travelling to, or living in NYC. I was lazy and didn’t want to research the topic, and I felt I should make up a number rather than guess and look like an idiot. It should be noted however that I did look up the term gajillion to make sure it wasn’t a real number, for fake number purposes. There’s some weird numbers out there man, like googolplex** and whatnot.

**I also looked up googolplex to make sure it was a real number.

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