B is for Beer – Tom Robbins

B is for BeerOn the cover of Tom Robbins’ ‘B is for Beer’, it proudly claims that it’s: “A children’s book for grown-ups” and “A grown-up book for children”. But there’s a reason you don’t see this claim very often, and it’s because it doesn’t really work. This book claims to be for both audiences and as I read through it I just kept thinking that it isn’t really for either. It reads like a children’s book with fairies and whatnot, and I found myself bored about half way through the slim read. Meanwhile the topic of conversation is, as the title proclaims, beer, and the production of it, making it none too interesting for younger readers either.

I will admit that maybe I learned a thing or two about the process involved in brewing beer, but I’d have much rather just read an article or watched an always classy episode of “how it’s made”.

So who IS this book for? I don’t know really. Someone looking for a very easy read? The title, topic, and attractive cover will sell copies to a certain audience, but will ultimately leave that audience disappointed. Save your moola and buy a case of beer instead.

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  1. You made it half-way through the book? I made it half-way through the first page before I vomited in boredom.If you want to see something innovative in a particular industry, check this shiznit out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFp62jDcoFM

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