We built a fort out of chair backs and blankets and carrot sticks and egg yolks and second chorus break downs. We pretended that the fort was a top secret, government science station, and that outside the fort was the arctic and death and millipedes and Michael Bay movies. Inside though, inside was all beeps and boops and lights that went from left to right and up and down and a screen with a radar thing on it and a floor made of couch cushions and comforters and board games and watermelon candies.

Through the frost covered window we could see a trickle of light, and what appeared to be a four legged wilda beast, roaming the wasteland. “Invite the wildabeast in!” proclaimed the people of the fort. And so it was. And they happily co-existed until he totally bossed up one of the couch cushions and made foam spill out everywhere. Then they made the wilda beast get the hell out cause he was a big idiot.

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  1. we need to have another fort date soon!

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