She has a mouth full of cereal
and her hair up with a pencil.

The pencil has a lot of eraser left
and I want to tell her that the pencil

would be a very good pencil
to use as a pencil, and not as a hair thing.

This strikes me as a strictly asshole thing to say
but it’s just that we have better pencils for such things

ones with little to no eraser,
or crummy leads that are always broken.

Pencils made in China or Korea
or other countries where they don’t always make pencils so well.

She asks what we’re going to do today
and I can’t concentrate, and I want to tell her

that we should probably buy some hair clips
or at the very least some chinese pencils.

But now I’ve taken too long to answer
and she’s giving me the look.

And I recognize this as the very worst time
to talk about pencils.

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